Walil Archer’s Bio

Walil Archer is an Actor, Comedian, and Co-Owner and Radio Personality on Downtown Hott Radio at

Walil Archer was born in Philadelphia and attended Community College of Philadelphia and Temple University and graditated tvith two degrees one in Applied Scienc·e and one in Marketing.

Walil Archer performances have been at: African American Museum Laff House, Uptown Comedy Corner, Kimmel Center, Backdoor Comedy Club, Arts Bank, Cozzy ‘s Comedy Clitb, Punc·hliner Comedy Club, Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center, and Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center.

Walil Archer played in the following titles:

A Small Candlelight Between The Darkness, My Husband John of McFadden & Whitehead, What’s Wrong With My Kids, And The Beats Goes On, and Fixed.

Walil Archer appeared in the Citizens Voice Newsletter as a Role Model of the community in January 2003 issue.

Walil Archer received the following awards:

2006 Soul Train ‘s Leadership Award

2008 World Renowned Entertainment’s Role Model of Excellence Award

2013 Atlanta Annual AIDS Walk & Run ‘s Certificate

2014 Gentlemen of the Shore MC’s Appreciation of Sponsorship of Autism Fun Day’s Award

2014 1st Derrick B. Hart Jr. Autis,n Center’s Recognition and Appreciation Award for Supporting Autism

2014 The Eddie Francis Cancer Foundation’s Appreciation Award of Support on the 3rd Annual Ride for Cancer

2015 Broken Wings Youth Empowerment Summit’s Recognition of Achievement Award 2015 Just Wright Publication’s Support Award

2015 City of Philadelphia’s Citation o,f Honoring and Recognizing

Contact Info

Phone: 770-334-5588

Email: walilarcher@yahoo.com

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